Your time at AICCEDS Educational Group is an investment into your future. We are committed to making the lives of our students at AICCEDS so enriching and exciting that they remember them as the best days of their lives.

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Why You Should Study With Us

There are many other reasons for choosing the faculty, including our commitment to ensuring that all learning and research is supported by the best facilities and technology.

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Education And Student Experience

Our tours include comprehensive education programmes that feature live multimedia seminars, presentations from subject experts, and exciting workshop activities.

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Placements & Recruitments

we invite you to explore our website. Learn the depth of our executive search expertise and take advantage of the resources we offer to our client partners and candidates.

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Future Projects Planning

When you’re young you might think you have all the time in the world, then all of a sudden you have to start making important choices.

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About Facility

Lecture theatres at Pharmacy College Azamgarh are the learning centre in real meaning being equipped with all type of modern audio-visual teaching aids like Over Head Projector, Slide Projector, L.C.D., Public Address Systems and other on-line information systems. All the five lecture theatres atPharmacy College Azamgarh. give an amicable environment for the concentrated study hours. The lecture theatres are fully air-conditioned, well spacious and furnished.

Library, the brain of an institution, the centre of knowledge, of Pharmacy College Azamgarh has a meticulously chosen selection of more that 4,000 books, of Indian and foreign origin. Every student is free to choose any book of his interest in Medical, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Computer, Medical/Pharmacy information systems and other reading materials from the reference and issue sections. Pharmacy College Azamgarh 's fully air-conditioned library is also the regular subscriber of more than 110 Journals of national and international repute on every branch of medical/Pharmacy sciences. The reading section of the library is having a huge capacity of almost 100 students at a time. The library is also provided with separate binding section, artist room, photographic section and reprographic facilities The special features of Pharmacy College Azamgarh 's library are DELNET, through which, it is connected to 1,100 Indian as well as foreign libraries. The audiovisual room is fully equipped with a range of highly informative and educational video cassettes and CDs. The library of Pharmacy College Azamgarh is also provided with a locker room where students may keep their bags etc. safely. Mr. Manoj Kumar Tiwari, Librarian and other supporting library staff are very efficient to look after the routine work of Library.

The Pharmacy College Azamgarh is equipped with the following Facilities
  • Seprate Hostel Facility For Boys and Girls.
  • 300 patient daily multi-speciality O.P.D.
  • Staff Residence.

  • Faculty Residence.

  • Play Ground.

  • Audotorium.

  • Internet Lab.

  • 24 hour Wi-Fi.

  • Ro drinking Water System

  • Large Cafeteria

  • 24 Hour Electricity

  • Transportation

  • Research and Instrument Lab

  • Machine Room